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Beaded Flowers by Lesley

French beaded rose flower bridal bouquet
Wire-woven french beaded flowers are a celebration of love and commitment! A bouquet of these flowers becomes an heirloom art piece that will never wilt. It creates quite a statement to carry a handful of these beauties down the isle. If you would like to commission a bouquet for your wedding or for your favorite vase, contact Lesley Designs.

French beaded flower boutonier

To create a bouquet like the one pictured above takes months of work.  Advanced notice is required for the commissions of bouquets. I also accept commissions for single flowers. A budding glass beaded rose that will never die makes a great gift for Valentine's Day or an anniversary. If roses aren’t you favorite flower, a beaded daisy or orchid are just as beautiful. A single beaded flower can be used as a corsage for men as pictured here.

Two dozen french beaded roses
I learned the art of beaded flower weaving in 2004. It is time consuming, requires precision and skill. I made this bouquet of two dozen roses. It contains well over a million size 11.0 glass seed beads and took over 500 hours of labor to make. Each rose is made from a different color red bead and has a complimentary green bead for the leaves. I hope you enjoy their beauty. 

French beaded Lily flowers

According to historical references of beaded decorations, it is estimated that the art form of beaded flower weaving was practiced across Europe and England as early as the 1500s. Due of the amount of workmanship and skill involved in creating these beautiful works of art, beaded flowers have always been collectible, timeless treasures.

French beaded rose bouquet
Many antique beaded flowers can be found in museums and private collections all over the world. A few notable people who owned and treasured examples of this fine art were Marie Antoinette, Madam Pompadour, Napoleon's Josephine, Princess Grace, Princess Caroline, and Patricia Nixon.

French beaded fantasy flower

Any flower that grows in nature can be created in this art form. Flowers that don’t occur in nature can be made in this art form as well. Big blue lilies like the one pictured here, don’t exist as far as I know, but that didn’t stop me from making one!